Retrieval Clock / Hexagons

I first cam across this activity on Twitter and I can't remember from who in order ot credit them, but I do also remember seeing this as part of the retrieval activities suggested by Kate Jones in her Retrieval practice books. 

I like to use these activities in conjunction with the core content questions I have created to help students ensure they know what the need to know. These activities can be used as a starter for retrieval, or a consolidation after learning in class or even as structure note taking either from a lecture or from a textbook or other resource. 

With these activities I like to use the 3 colour system: 

  1. Independent / On my own
  2. Magpie from a peer 
  3. Ask the Teacher 

I feel that this can help students to see their own successes and build their confidence. With questions I do sometimes limit how many questions the students can ask, to reduce their reliance on me to "tell" them everything without trying to use other resources. 

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