Crime and Deviance

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This unit is worth 25% of your overall A Level qualification and examines only in the A Level at the end of year 13.


In this unit, you will be looking at the sociological study of crime and deviance. This means that you will be looking at why people commit crimes and act in a deviant manner, how sociologists study crime and deviant behaviour and evaluate how crime and deviance are punished. There are 4 main units in this part of the course:

  • Theories of Crime and Deviance
  • Social Distribution of Crime
  • Globalisation and Crime

Crime control, prevention, and punishment


This part of the syllabus will only be examined in year 13 and is Paper 3 (2 hours)

Short Answer:

  • 4 marks (Outline 2….)
  • 6 marks (Outline 3…)

Extended Answer:

  • 10 marks (Using material from the item analyse 2…..)
  • 30 marks (Applying material from the item and your own knowledge evaluate…)