EPQ Taught Element [OCR]

The EPQ is a great way for students to develop their independent learning skills whilst exploring something that interests them.

As part of the OCR course we offer at my school we provide 6 taught lessons to help the students understand what they need to do and what is expected of them, before they go off and complete their projects independently. I have created resources for these 6 lesson which include PowerPoints, Videos (in case of remote teaching) and a workbook. These lessons are structured as so:

1 – Introduction: What is the EPQ and how is it marked?

2 – Planning: Why do you need to plan, what do you need to plan and how will you demonstrate this?

3 – Research: Different types of research, tips for internet based research and conducting primary research, how to write a Harvard style bibliography and a source analysis table?

4 – Evaluation: What is the project journal, how to do evaluation and what should you be reflecting on?

5 – Outcome: What are the outcome options, how should they be structured and what should your folder look like and contain at hand in?

6 – Project Presentation: This lesson is normally done at a later date than the others so it is closer to when they will be preparing their presentation. It covers what the presentation should include, how it will be marked and general advice on giving a presentation (do’s and don’ts)


The workbook contains useful information for the students as well as some activities to help them with their projects.