All of these schemes of work are fully resourced and are meant to be a starting point for adaption to individual schools and classes. They include PowerPoints, videos [which I have created or links to YouTube ones], Student workbook and teachers notes as well as a progress check midway and at the end of the unit. 

£20.00 per unit 

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In this unit of work you will be building on your previous learning of drugs and alcohol by looking more generally at what addiction is and the most common addictions for young people. This unit will discuss the causes, symptoms and how to get help.

Relationships and Sex Education 

This unit revisits some of the topics that you have already covered in terms of sex and relationships, however this unit will look more at the issues surrounding these topics. You will be considering your opinions and views mostly through discussion with some written tasks.

Reality Bites 

This program combines  financial capability along  with careers guidance.  It allows the students to   explore how education,  career and lifestyle choices combine to create  our future.

Crime and Criminality 

In this unit of work, you will be looking at the issues around crime and criminality. You will consider why people commit crime, the legal system in the UK and what happens when someone is arrested as well as looking at terrorism and what leads people to join terrorist groups.

Healthy Body Healthy Mind 

In this unit of work you will be looking at what it means to be health physically and mentally, how to adopt a healthy lifestyle as well as what may cause a person not to be healthy. It will focus on diet, exercise, sleep and mental health. The mental health unit will discuss how to maintain general wellbeing and looking specifically at stress, anxiety and depression.