Revision and Study

One of the key messages I try to teach my students when talking and teaching study skills is the difference between study and revision. For many they seem them as the same thing and something that is done before a test or assessment.

However what I try to get across to them is that they are different and neither should be left to the last minute.


Independent Study

At A Level, I tell my students that they should be doing about a hour of independent study for every hour they are in class. So that works out as about 5 hours per week per subject. This is NOT revision and takes place whilst they are still learning the content of the course.

Independent study is not homework, it should be a routine that students get into which consolidates on what is done in class, check understanding and write down any questions they have on what has been covered.

I use the term learning phase to describe the group of lesson which cover a sub topic of the course, for example Functionalist Theory of the Family or Gender and Crime.

However many of my students, particularly year 12 students, didn’t really know what it was I was asking them to do, so I created this sheet to help them structure their independent study:


I take the view that revision is not something that students should wait to be told to do. It also shouldn't be something that they wait to do in class. Instead it should be on going, self directed and focused. 

After a discussion with a colleague [@MrsDavisGeo] we realised that we were both telling students how to revision but using very different terminology and language. So one lunchtime whilst we chatted we came up with the idea of P.A.C.E revision