Reflecting on your PSHE provision.

I am a big believer in reflective teaching and can fall down the rabbit hole on occasion, however, I think with PSHE it is really important that we look regularly at what we are teaching and when so that we are meeting the needs of the students that we are teaching.

With this is mind, I have created a series of reflection questions based around the Quality of Education subsections: Intent, Implementation and Impact, which schools and PSHE departments can use to consider their current provision and what their next steps are.

These questions and this document is NOT meant to be a “Get ready for OfSted” or “Deep Dive Preparation”, it is intended to facilitate discussion and debate regarding what you already have in place and what you need to do moving forward.


Below are some questions to help start the discussion around the intent of your PSHE provision and the knowledge you would like students to be aware of at various points of their secondary education.



What follows is again a set of questions to use to think about where you are at with your provision and possible areas of development. It is not expected that schools will have their provision 100% set in time for September 2020, but will be able to identify areas of development and their plans for implementation moving forward.


The questions below are a starting point for assessing the impact of your provision and identifying areas that require more thought or improvement. They aim to help you reflect on your provision and highlight the good as well as the needs improvement.


Other Questions

Although this documents has focused on the three I’s from
OfSted there are questions to consider which do not fit into any of those categories easily. These are question which look at the inclusivity, review and reflection of curriculum, and quality assurance on delivery.