Tutor Quizzes

I love a good quiz, probably because I seem to retain a lot of useless information, and when I got my first 6th form tutor group I thought that a good way to use tutor time would be to have a weekly quiz where teams competed with each other for the coveted Cinema tickets given out at the end of each term. I was shocked and impressed with the level of competition that took off. When offered the chance to re-jig the teams there was a very vocal “NO” as the competition had taken hold.

Fast forward a couple of years and now my weekly for quiz has become a very competitive inter-form competition within the 6th form. All the quizzes sent out as a Google form which makes it easier to collate and mark the answers, however, I have also created some of them as powerpoint quizzes and all 40 can be below:

If however you would like the google form versions for your own inter-form competition get in touch and I will get them to you.


Since lockdown, my school have moved over to using Microsoft Teams more, and as part of this, I have moved the Quizzes to Microsoft forms. I have actually found this much easier for both setting and marking as I can set up the quizzes a term in advance using the assignment on the Tutors Team group and marking is much easier with the answers already on the form.

I have now reached 67 quizzes [still making more] and you can access the duplicate links here: