Weekly Tutor time Posters

I like the idea of expanding my students horizons by introducing them to new people, words, music or films. I have tried a couple of time to do the word or quote of the week but I found that I forgot to change it when things got busy or it just died as we went through the year.

I wanted to reintroduce this in 2020/2021 but make it so that don’t have to remember to do much. So I have created 40 weeks worth of words, quotes, interesting people, and songs in a poster format, that I can print and have in a sort of calendar, so all I have to do is rip off a page each week. This can then be a stimulus for a conversation with my tutees and classes.

However due to the Pandemic this didn’t quite work: Nomadic Teaching and bubbles meant I wasn’t based in my usual tutor room so I didn’t have ownership of the displays in that room. I am hopeful that 2021/22 I will be back in my room so can try this again. With that in mind I now have 2 sets of posters, which you can download and use as you like. I have taken the week numbers off so you can rearrange them in any order you want.

I have tried to be as diverse as I can and chose interesting people who were less well known so it is a little different from the usual group you see. The songs I have chosen are all uplifting songs from a range of genres and eras, I have tried to ensure that there is no swearing, and I have created a Spotify playlist of them.

I have also created two Interactive PowerPoint presentations that can be shown. These presentations have the music video’s embedded, and audio files for the word of the week and information on the interesting people.

Set 1

Set 2