All of these schemes of work are fully resourced and are meant to be a starting point for adaption to individual schools and classes. They include PowerPoints, videos [which I have created or links to YouTube ones], Student workbook and teachers notes as well as a progress check midway and at the end of the unit. 

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Friendship and Bullying 

In this unit of work you will be looking at positive friendships and bullying. You will be focusing on identifying the characteristics of positive friendships and how to maintain them as well as how to get out of a toxic friendship. You will also discuss various forms of bullying and how to deal with it.

Desert Island Living 

In this unit the students will be pretending that they have been shipwrecked on a desert Island with no chance of rescue and so have to create a community. This includes discussing rules and laws, resources and necessities, and dealing with community problems. It is a group work based unit so helps to develop inter-personal skills.

British Society 

This unit of work is split into two parts.

The first part looks at British culture and its multicultural links. It will outline what is meant by culture and its components. It will also look at the migration patterns to the UK and how that has helped to shape modern British culture. The first part of the unit will also evaluate the British Values initiative and seeing how well British culture embodies these values.

In the second part of the unit you will be learning about the British political system, including the voting system, how parliaments works and the different political parties in the UK. This will culminate in a mock election for the fictional role of School President.

Consent Contraception and Conception

In this Scheme of Learning students will be looking at the concept of consent, what it means and what it doesn’t under UK law. They will look at various types of intimate relationships and discuss what needs to be considered before you become intimate with someone. Students will go through different forms of contraception and evaluate them as well as consider the questions that need to be asked before people choose to become parents.

Moral Thinking 

In this unit of work you are going to be exploring your own personal values, developing critical  thinking skills and formulating an opinion. You will be doing this by looking at various moral and  philosophical situations. You will also look at how decisions and actions have consequences that need to be considered.

Puberty Health and Hygiene

In this unit of work, you will be looking at ways your body will change during puberty as well as ways of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You will look at the importance of a healthy diet and exercise and what they are. You will  how some of the choices you make can affect your health. In particular looking at Cancers and FGM

Drugs and Alcohol

In this unit of work student will explore the meaning behind drugs and addiction as well as the effects of different drugs on the body and mental health. Students will also look at the dangers of alcohol, smoking and vaping.

RSE - Relationships 

In this unit of work students will be looking at different types of relationships but focusing on intimate ones. They will be looking at the components of a healthy intimate relationship as well as what conversations need to be had before getting intimate with someone. Students will also be looking at different ways a relationship can become abusive and what to do about it.

Welcome to the Real World 

In this scheme of learning you will be focusing on learning about financial management skills and understanding the link between education, work and lifestyles, through a role play scenario.

Rights and Responsibilities 

In this Scheme of Learning Students will be looking at the development of the Human Rights Act and its importance in today’s society. They will be looking at case studies to determine if human rights have been infringed. In the second part of the phase you will be looking at different types of discrimination and how to combat it.