Speed Date Retrieval

Brain Dump Ideas

  • Blank Knowledge Organiser
  • Mindmap with starters
  • Question squares
  • Retrieval clock 
  • Definition Dots 

I use speed dating a lot in my lessons, as I think it is a good way to lesson the reliance on the teacher for information, and show students that their peers are also a great resource. I use this usually after a flipped homework where the students have already looked at the content of the learning phase before coming to the lesson. I tend to break the activity into 3 sections and get the students to use a different colour for each stage. 

Stage 1 - Individual Memory 

In this stage I get the students to complete as much of the brain dump sheet as they can from memory. i example to them that these activities are all about building the bridge between long term and short term memory so that they can develop their recall. 

Stage 2 - Speed Date

In this stage it depends on on how many students I have but I will use a random group generator to tell the students who they are going to "date" with and share their brain dumps. For each date they use a different colour to show what they got from each date. The length of the date can vary depending on your class and time your want to give to the activity. 

Stage 3 - Ask the Teacher

Once students return to their seats they then, as a class, have to ask a minimum of 10 precise and specific questions to fill any gaps they might have, or any areas they are not sure on. 

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