All of these schemes of work are fully resourced and are meant to be a starting point for adaption to individual schools and classes. They include PowerPoints, videos [which I have created or links to YouTube ones], Student workbook [PDF & Editable] and teachers notes as well as a progress check midway and at the end of the unit. 

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Consent, Contraception, and Conception

In this Scheme of Learning you will be looking at the concept of consent, what it means and what it doesn’t under UK law. You will look at various types of intimate relationships and discuss what needs to be considered before you become intimate with someone. You will go through different forms of contraception and evaluate them as well as consider the questions that need to be asked before people choose to become parents.

  1. Recap on Puberty and Relationships 
  2. Consent 
  3. Mid Point Progress Check 
  4. Contraception 
  5. Conception and Parental Rights 
  6. End Point Progress Check