All of these schemes of work are fully resourced and are meant to be a starting point for adaption to individual schools and classes. They include PowerPoints, videos [which I have created or links to YouTube ones], Student workbook [PDF & Editable] and teachers notes as well as a progress check midway and at the end of the unit. 

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Drugs and Alcohol

In this unit of work student will explore the meaning behind drugs and addiction as well as the effects of different drugs on the body and mental health. Students will also look at the dangers of alcohol, smoking and vaping.

  1. What are Drugs 
  2. Effects of Drugs and Withdrawal 
  3. Midpoint Progress Check 
  4. Drugs and The Law 
  5. Alcohol 
  6. Smoking and Vaping 
  7. End Point Progress Check 


British Society 

This unit of work is split into two parts.

The first part looks at British culture and its multicultural links. It will outline what is meant by culture and its components. It will also look at the migration patterns to the UK and how that has helped to shape modern British culture. The first part of the unit will also evaluate the British Values initiative and seeing how well British culture embodies these values.

In the second part of the unit you will be learning about the British political system, including the voting system, how parliaments works and the different political parties in the UK. This will culminate in a mock election for the fictional role of School President.

  1. Multicultural Britain 
  2. British Politics 
  3. Mock Election